by Water Temple

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released May 24, 2016

mixed by matt cohn & david bartler
written by chud
arranged by chud & the boys

artwork by bailey dodds



all rights reserved


Water Temple Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

chad sings
dave strums
brendan slaps
pirro taps

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Track Name: try 2
i'm howling at miranda for my love
i turned into a wolf for my love
but nothing's ever made to be enough
why can't she see the boner in my heart?

where do i start?

i ran across the desert for my love
i tried to slay the dragon for my love
but dragon's bane ain't made of mutual trust
so i armed the fireworks and t-shirt guns

try 2 believe me
if you can!

she left the windows up in her parked car
i drowned in diet pepsi as the sky got dark
why can't she see the boner in my heart
just think of what the two of us could be,

but she won't believe me!

try 2 believe me
if you can!
Track Name: someone knows
somebody knows
they see through your clothes
like you’re a big stained glass window

you can’t shake it off
your shadow’s a cop
and he’s gonna’ make you look stupid
to your closest friends

i don’t listen to the others
they scare me too
what’s our space inflates
like it’s a balloon

when someone knows!

somebody saw
they captured it all
that bitch’s purseis a camera

you can’t live it down
they’re on to you now
but i know a way out—

a month and a day
of random malaise
can take a whole lot out of you

and your silhouette
is running ahead
i hope that she can’t outrun you

if you follow me
somewhere we can breathe
then i’ll never let someone son you

our vision enhanced
we’ll hide in the plants
and watch everyone pass right by
with our insect eyes

i’ve got them locked on the others
they scare me too, but
i think that there’s only so much we can do

when someone knows!